Customer Experience Feedback

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CarFix 3000 is a successful auto repair franchise with a loyal base of customers. After each visit, the customer is asked to provide feedback on their most recent experience. Action alerts are sent to CarFix managers so they can follow up with dissatisfied customers. The company places a lot of value on a customer’s Net Promotor Score, and it features prominently in their dashboard as a way to measure their satisfaction with the services they receive. This dashboard enables CarFix managers to not only regularly monitor customer feedback, but to act on it, too.

Because they value their customer feedback, they are able to constantly monitor:

  • New customer issues that need to be resolved.
  • Weak spots, which are determined by services areas receiving the most negative feedback.
  • Success stories, which can be shared internally or with other branches to improve performance.



  • Enfesys, Dapresy’s comprehensive closed loop feedback module
  • Trends over time, to monitor your success and find areas for improvement
  • The ability to have managers benchmark their store against other branches

As a next step, try out the demo yourself! Interact with the portal and experience it as a real user would!