Fly Now

Do you know if your customers are satisfied?

Do you know if your customers are satisfied?

We know how important it is for business to understand and listen to their customers. See how FlyNow, a charter service, used Dapresy Pro to monitor and report their customer experience data to visually show customer satisfaction metrics. By using our dashboards to monitor Satisfaction, Loyalty and Net Promoter Score, management at FlyNow were able to see aggregated data as well as metrics for each of their locations, all in one dashboard.

Drilldown into the data to see:

  • Which touchpoints during the user journey are generating poor performance
  • How certain touch points are rated by different customer segments
  • Charts that provide management with actionable steps for improvement


Other tools include:

  • The Cross-Table tool to further slice and dice the data and compare various metrics over specific time periods.
  • Upload project data and materials.
  • Compare data to previous waves and competitors

As a next step, try out the demo yourself! Interact with the portal and experience it as a real user would!