Customer Experience Feedback Program

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StayLux is a 5 star luxury resort collection that uses our dashboards to organize customer feedback for different roles throughout its employee hierarchy. Their comprehensive customer experience feedback program ensures their guest’ total satisfaction and loyalty, and seperates it into different visuals that are actionable for different roles. For example, managers can see overall data by location, while cleaning staff members can see customer satisfaction metrics for each item in the rooms they are responsible for. This approach works best for retail, restaurants, hospitality, transportation, airlines, and financial institutions.

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All the data you need, one actionable layer at a time:

  • Highly visual and easy way to understand KPIs by aggregating data into overall scores based on location.
  • Then drill into the specific areas of responsibility for different roles
  • Augmented reality organizes the feedback in specific parts of the hotel room, so staff can instantly see the problem areas and quickly identify the feedback needed to learn how to improve that issues.

Monitor your progress, watch your customer satisfaction increase

  • View trends over time, and control your look back window
  • Filter feedback by location, staff member, and other information
  • Transform data into effiecient and affective insights for market research reporting.

As a next step, try out the demo yourself! Interact with the portal and experience it as a real user would!